Learn how to boost your online acquisition with data


Data SEO Labs : Level 1

Learn the basics of Machine Learning, R programming, using APIs, and data manipulation to deal with AI based Google algorithm updates.

Lyon, France

11 > 12 APRIL | 09:00 › 18:00


Data SEO Labs : Level 2

Learn advanced Data Science techniques with R: NLP, named entities, research intent, clustering, Deep Learning, text generation.

Paris, France

25 > 26 APRIL | 09:00 › 18:00


Machine Learning Training

Learn step by step how to use Machine Learning algorithms and analyze them: 2 days to master regression, classification and clustering.

Paris, France

JUNE 14 | 09:00 › 18:00

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Rémi &


Founders of Data SEO Labs
Rémi Bacha (Data Scientist specialized in SEO at OVH) and Vincent Terrasi (Data Manager at OVH) share their revolutionary SEO strategies based on Data Science through articles, conferences and training.


Our training courses are designed for accelerated progress in R programming, Machine Learning and more generally in Data Science, even if you start from scratch. All modules are composed by real life business examples to be tested directly on your own PC during the training. To maximize efficiency, Data SEO Labs have been created according to the Pareto model: we focus on the 20% of things you will use 80% of the time, the keys to decode – and cohabit with – Artificial Intelligence.

You will discover our latest DataSEO R&D work to unlock search engines’s secrets, automate your SEO actions and predict their chances of success. With quizzes and escape game, Data SEO Labs are also an opportunity to meet other professionals in a prestigious place and in a friendly atmosphere. There is always a trainer at your side to help you and answer your questions on the day of your training, and even after it. Ready to enter the lab?