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You will find the dates of the next trainings directly in their presentation page : DATA SEO LABS Level 1, DATA SEO LABS Level 2, DATA SEO LABS Level 3 et DATA SEO LABS Machine Learning.

DATA SEO LABS training courses take place in major French cities and in some European capitals.

In France, we organize trainings in Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes, Lyon, Nice and Strasbourg. Beyond France, we also plan to go to the following cities in 2020: Geneva (Switzerland), Brussels (Belgium), London (United Kingdom), Luxembourg (Luxembourg).

Please note that DATA SEO LABS can also take place at your company’s premises in the form of tailor-made training sessions. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our in-house training offer.


All our trainings are available at the rate of 1290€ Excl. tax. This price includes the 2 days of training, the certification as well as breakfast on both days.

Payment can be made by credit card, directly via our Tito booking platform at the time of booking your place.
You can also pay by bank transfer. Just let us know by our contact form.

Yes, DATA SEO LABS is an official training organization (NDA: 11755972975) and referenced at the Datadock.

You can therefore apply for funding to participate in DATA SEO LABS training from OPCOs (Competence Operators) / OPCA (Authorised Joint Collecting Bodies), joint funders and fungicides.

In addition, our Datadock referencing assures you that DATA SEO LABS perfectly meets all the quality criteria of the 2014 training law and the quality decree of 30/06/2015.


Not yet, but we are working to make it happen quickly.

Training content

It is not necessary to have basic data science or programming skills to participate in the training. We start from the basics and gradually work our way up to advanced concepts. For this, we use a teaching method based on the Pareto principle: we focus on the 20% of theories that allow us to understand 80% of the concepts and tools of data science. Our training courses have been designed as “accelerators of skill development”.

However, we recommend that you have a basic understanding of SEO. A knowledge of the major concepts related to search engines and visibility on the web will be necessary. It is important to know that it is not necessary to have access to paid SEO tools to follow the training.

The courses are aimed at digital marketing and e-commerce professionals: SEO, web marketers, product managers, traffic managers, digital analysts, data analysts, e-commerce directors, webmasters, online acquisition managers, project managers, data scientists. You will discover actionable and concrete methods based on data science (statistics, machine learning, deep learning) as well as tools to boost your online acquisition.

We recommend that participants are comfortable with the basics of SEO. Ideally, you have already collaborated on an SEO project and its implementation. This allows us, during the training, to advance very quickly on new territories such as data science.
In data science, we take the basics for beginners so no prerequisite is necessary. However, if you already have some knowledge of data science, we have dedicated exercises for the more experienced so that everyone progresses at his own pace during the training.

DATA SEO LABS training courses are given over 2 days (intense!). Our goal is to show you the techniques that we use the most on a daily basis so that you will be autonomous at the end of our training.

The trainings can be in French or in English.

The option to follow distance learning (via Skype, Cisco, etc) is not available. However, we are planning to do “blended learning” and to combine our face-to-face training with online training sequences. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for more information.


Yes, each of our trainings can be privatized and thus take place on your company’s premises. You can, at your convenience, choose an existing training course in its entirety or choose the modules best suited to your internal problems so that the increase in skills is totally tailor-made.