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Essentially composed by real SEO examples, interspersed with games, the training has been designed so that you are quickly autonomous, even if you don’t have technical skills. R programming, scraping, API, statistics, Machine Learning, the DATA SEO LABS Level 1 provides you with the data science tools you need to update your SEO strategies in the age of AI.

8 places per session

2 trainers at your side

2 days in immersion

Access to 5 new scripts

Training program
Data SEO Labs Level 1

SEO basics are necessary in order to start the training as efficiently as possible. Ideally, you have already worked on a website’s SEO and have a basic understanding of how to use web analytics tools.

We’ve designed the sequence of modules in the DATA SEO LABS Level 1 training to help you make accelerated progress in data science, even if you’re starting from scratch. Surprisingly, no programming, data science, machine learning or statistical skills are required to get started. Indeed, each of these skills will be taught to you according to a methodology inspired by Paretto’s law: a particular focus will be made on the 20% theory that will allow you to be autonomous on 80% of the problems you will encounter on your data science + SEO projects.

However, if you want to get a little bit ahead of the game, we recommend you to do so:

Module 1

Data SEO concepts
Discover the challenges of data-driven SEO for your business, and Google’s “IA first” update with Rankbrain

Module 2

First steps with R and R Studio
Start using the R language and the R Studio software (without prior knowledge!) while creating your first script

Module 3

The basics of R programming
Variables, functions, loops: take your first steps as a developer and get SEO data via APIs

Module 4

Data handling with R
Like a data scientist, learn to clean, transform and manipulate your data sets with R

Module 5

Data visualization
Put visualization at the service of on-site SEO and discover the most used types of visualization with R

Module 6

Statistics for SEO
Between correlations and regressions, learn the basics of statistics necessary to understand machine learning

Module 7

Machine Learning part 1
Discover the machine learning, its main applications, as well as the prediction and classification algorithms useful for SEO.

Module 8

Data Science platform
Learn about Dataiku, a “data platform” and take advantage of tips to improve productivity on your SEO Data projects.

Module 9

Machine Learning part 2
Manage from A to Z a SEO Data project based on Machine Learning. The challenge: predict your positions on Google.

Certification DATA SEO LABS
Test your new knowledge and get your Level 1 DATA SEO LABS certification. Yes You Can !

Once the training is completed, you join the DATA SEO community. We’ll work with you to help you get the most out of what you’ve learned and continue to grow :

See you on Slack
After participating in the DATA SEO LABS Level 1 training, you will get unlimited access to the private DATA SEO community. You will join the very special “Zone 51” of our Slack where we continue R&D and feedback. You will continue to exchange on innovation with experts in your field. Webinars reserved for community members are scheduled throughout the year to unveil the latest discoveries.

Unpublished scripts
All the source codes seen during the training are shared with you, along with a summary to allow you to easily reproduce everything you have practiced. You continue to benefit from the regular updates we make on the scripts that are shared.

Do you want to develop new DATA SEO skills? Register for the next training date DATA SEO LABS Level 2. NLP, Deep Learning, automatic text generation and search intent.

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The trainers

Rémi Bacha
Passionate about R&D and on the lookout for innovations in data science, Rémi Bacha is co-founder of DATA SEO LABS. He worked for 7 years at OVH Cloud as SEO manager and then Data Scientist.
Vincent Terrasi
Pioneer of the Data SEO approach, Vincent Terrasi is co-founder of DATA SEO LABS and product manager for an SEO software publisher. A former entrepreneur, he was also Data Marketing Manager at M6 and OVH Cloud.
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Are you looking for a training that will allow you to improve your SEO strategy through data science? Our training is accessible to all professions in digital marketing and e-commerce.

  • SEO / SEA experts
  • Traffic manager
  • Digital marketer
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Digital analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Web analyst
  • Head of e-commerce
  • CEO / Startup founder
  • Developer
  • Data scientist
  • Online acquisition manager
  • Consultant
  • Business developer
asked questions

We recommend that participants be comfortable with the basics of SEO. Ideally, you have already collaborated on an SEO project and its implementation. This allows us, during the training, to move very quickly into new areas such as data science.
In data science, we take the basics for beginners so no prerequisite is necessary.
However, if you already have some knowledge of data science, we have dedicated exercises for the more experienced so that everyone progresses at his own pace during the training.

Yes, NO technical background is required to participate in DATA SEO LABS Level 1 training. We start from the basics in statistics and programming and work our way up to the machine learning level.

Yes, the DATA SEO LABS Level 1 training is ideal for instilling data science dynamics and reflexes within a digital marketing / online acquisition team.
By privatizing the training, you ensure that your teams have a homogenous and accelerated rise in skills. All the examples and assignments are thus adapted to your own websites to encourage direct exploitation of the benefits of the training.
You wish to organize a DATA SEO LABS Level 1 training in your company? Contact us

Yes, DATA SEO LABS Level 1 certification attests to your skills in the use of data science techniques applied to SEO: data manipulation, statistics, R programming, machine learning.
The certification is offered to all participants. Passed by several hundred professionals, it has today a value of esteem of which we are very proud. It allows you to show your expertise to your clients, your hierarchy and your future recruiters.

DATA SEO LABS Level 1 training takes place in major French cities (Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes, Lyon, Nice and Strasbourg) and some European capitals (Geneva, Brussels, London, Luxembourg).
The exact address will be sent to you at the time of booking.
You will find the cities of the next sessions a little higher up on this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if no city is suitable for you so that we can study the feasibility of a training course near you.

The DATA SEO LABS Level 1 training is available in French and English.

No. Whether you are working on your own affiliate sites, for a media company, or managing the international site network of a large group, DATA SEO techniques will help you take new reflexes. You will learn how to add prediction to your SEO strategies to better prioritize them and how to automate tedious tasks.

No. You do not need to have access to paid SEO tools to take the training.
During the DATA SEO LABS Level 1 training, we provide you with dummy data sets to test the different methodologies.
After the training, you will not necessarily need paid tools to reuse the scripts. The tools and methodologies we provide are designed to be fully adaptable to the means available to each participant in his or her company: for example, you can choose to upload data in CSV format or connect to an API.
We are not affiliated to ANY SEO tool and wish to keep this independence. Thus the tools presented in our exercises are all interchangeable. Each SEO tool has its strengths and weaknesses, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Alas, that is not yet possible. On the other hand, we are planning to do “blended learning” and to combine our face-to-face training with online training sequences. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for more information.