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2 days to
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100% practical from the first hour, DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training immerses you in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Deep Learning. Discover the uses of these technologies to automate your SEO: text analysis, word embeddings, summary and text generation, etc.

8 places per session

2 trainers at your side

2 days in immersion

Access to 5 new scripts

Training program
Data SEO Labs Level 2

We recommend that you have basic SEO knowledge and notions in the fields of R or Python programming (loops, conditions, variables, etc) and machine learning in order to start the DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training in the best conditions.

Even if it is not mandatory, we strongly advise you to follow the DATA SEO LABS Level 1 training before following the DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training in order to have the technical base to discover new concepts and advanced technologies. Please note that the training schedule is now organized so that you can attend both trainings in the same week.

DATA SEO LABS Level 2 is designed for accelerated progression in NLP and Deep Learning, even if you are starting from scratch, so there are no prerequisites in these areas.

Module 1

Intro -concrete- to the NLP
Discover the concepts of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and its challenges for the automation of your SEO strategy.

Module 2

Text analysis and NLP
Automate your SEO analysis with Text Mining. Extract main content from pages, co-occurrences, near duplicate.

Module 3

Automatic text summary
Learn how to create an R tool to summarize texts using a representative phrase extraction method

Module 4

Search intent
Discover methods to understand the search intentions behind each query and adjust your content

Module 5

Introduction to Deep Learning
Test artificial intelligence in this introduction to neural networks (Deep Learning) for NLP.

Module 6

Word embeddings
Discover machine learning techniques to boost your web writing thanks to co-occurrences.

Module 7

Statistics and NLP scores
Discover the most commonly used metrics for evaluating texts automatically generated by an algorithm.

Module 8

Text generation
Pilot a Data SEO project from A to Z based on Deep Learning (TensorFlow). The challenge: automatically generate texts

Certification DATA SEO LABS
Test your new knowledge and validate your new grade: DATA SEO LABS level 2. To infinity and beyond!

You join the DATA SEO community directly after the training. We will help you so that you can make the most of what you have learned and continue to progress:

Meet us on Slack
After participating in the DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training, you will get unlimited access to the private DATA SEO community. You will join the very special “Zone 52” of our Slack where we share our R&D and experience in using NLP / Deep Learning for SEO. You will continue your progress and benefit from a community to help you in your research. The integration of the private DATA SEO LABS Slack also entitles you to webinars reserved for members.

Unpublished scripts
All the source codes that you tested during the training are shared with you, along with a user guide and a summary of the training.
Note that you continue to benefit from the regular updates we make on the scripts that are shared.

Following numerous requests, we are currently preparing the DATA SEO LABS Level 3 training. The program will be unveiled soon.

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The trainers

Rémi Bacha
Passionate about R&D and on the lookout for innovations in data science, Rémi Bacha is co-founder of DATA SEO LABS. He worked for 7 years at OVH Cloud as SEO manager and Data Scientist.
Vincent Terrasi
Pioneer of the Data SEO approach, Vincent Terrasi is co-founder of DATA SEO LABS and product manager for an SEO software publisher. A former entrepreneur, he was also SEO Director and Data Marketing Manager at M6 and OVH Cloud.
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Are you looking for a training that will allow you to improve your SEO strategy through data science? Our training is accessible to all professions in digital marketing and e-commerce.

  • SEO/SEA Team
  • Traffic manager
  • Digital marketer
  • Product manager
  • Project manager
  • Digital analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Web analyst
  • E-commerce director
  • CEO / Startup founder
  • R / Python Developer
  • Data scientist
  • Acquisition online manager
  • Technical consultant
  • Business developer
asked questions

Although it is not a requirement, we strongly recommend that you have completed DATA SEO LABS Level 1 training before attending DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training.
Level 2 training is a direct continuation of Level 1 training and requires basic programming skills (R or Python) and machine learning. Note that a (very) quick refresher is done at the beginning of the DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training to make sure that everyone starts off on an equal footing.

It is recommended to have a basic knowledge of machine learning to follow the DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training. The 2 days of training pass very quickly and the course covers many concepts that are likely to be completely new to you. In order to be as efficient as possible, it is ideal that you are comfortable with the main steps of a machine learning project.
Note that DATA SEO LABS Level 1 is recommended if you are starting from scratch in machine learning.

No. Most of the TPs that require computing power take place in the cloud. So you can come with your usual laptop.

Yes, DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training is ideal for instilling automation reflexes in your teams and leading them to the state of the art in Data Science + SEO.
By privatizing the training, you ensure that your teams have a homogenous and accelerated rise in skills. All the examples and TP are thus adapted to your own websites to promote the direct exploitation of the benefits of the training.
You wish to organize a DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training in your company? Contact us

Yes, the DATA SEO LABS Level 2 certification attests to your skills in using NLP and deep learning techniques applied to SEO: automatic content generation, text summarization, word embedding, etc.
The certification is offered to all participants. Passed by several hundred professionals, it has today a value of esteem of which we are very proud. It allows you to show your expertise to your clients, your hierarchy and your future recruiters.

DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training takes place in major French cities (Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes, Lyon, Nice and Strasbourg) and some European capitals (Geneva, Brussels, London, Luxembourg).
You will find the cities of the next sessions a little higher up on this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if no city is suitable for you so that we can study the feasibility of a training session near you.

The DATA SEO LABS Level 2 training is available in French and English.