Programme de la formation
Data SEO Labs Niveau 2

Module 1

Intro – concrete – to the NLP
Discover the concepts of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and its challenges for automating your SEO strategy

Module 2

Text analysis and NLP
Learn how to use the main NLP metrics with R to decrypt search engines (TF-IDF, Page Rank…)

Module 3

Word embeddings
Discover machine learning techniques to boost your web writing with co-occurrences.

Module 4

Clustering of keywords
Develop your own tool to automate your search for SEO opportunities through clustering (Machine Learning)

Module 5

Automatic text summary
Learn how to create an R tool to summarize texts using a representative sentence extraction method

Module 6

Research Intent
Discover methods to understand the research intentions behind each request and adjust your content

Module 7

Intro to Deep Learning
Touch the artificial intelligence with your finger in this introduction to deep learning for NLP

Module 8

NLP statistics and scores
Discover the most commonly used metrics to evaluate texts automatically generated by an algorithm

Module 9

Text generation
Manage from A to Z a SEO Data project based on Deep Learning (TensorFlow). The challenge: automatically generate texts.


DATA SEO Labs Certification
TTest your new knowledge and validate your new grade: Data SEO Labs level 2. To infinity and beyond!

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Rémi &


The trainers
Rémi Bacha (Data Scientist specialized in SEO at OVH) and Vincent Terrasi (Data Manager at OVH) share their revolutionary SEO strategies based on Data Science through blog articles, conferences and training.
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The Data SEO Labs Level 2 is an intensive 2-day training course in the use of advanced Data Science techniques to automate your SEO strategy. It is intended for people who have followed the Data SEO Labs Level 1 training course who wish to discover new opportunities offered by artificial intelligence for their content strategies: opportunity detection, optimization, content generation.
Push the limits of SEO by using the same technical weapons as search engines. You will benefit from our latest R&D work and ready-to-use tools to save a lot of time on a daily basis and maximize the chances of positioning your content in TOP Position.
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