Training program
Machine Learning

Module 1

Your first prediction
Launch your 1st machine learning classification algorithm, and discover how to use Jupyter Notebooks.

Module 2

Intro to Machine Learning
Through concrete business examples, discover the world of machine learning, its challenges and its major concepts.

Module 3

Workflow Machine Learning
From A to Z, go through the main stages of a Machine Learning project and develop the right reflexes.

Module 4

Data preparation and analysis
Discover data mining techniques, and learn how to prepare them for the creation of a predictive model.

Module 5

Regression, Decision tree, Random forest… Discover the main algoes of ML and how they work (case study).

Module 6

Model performance
After some revisions of the statistical databases, discover how to evaluate the effectiveness of your prediction

Module 7

Data Scientist’s tips
How to avoid the pitfalls of machine learning and boost the performance of your model? Learn to think in data scientist


DATA SEO LABS certification
Test your new skills and obtain your Level 1 Machine Learning certification. Our prediction: your success!

remi julien

Rémi &


The trainers
Rémi Bacha (Data Scientist specialized in SEO) and Julien Heiduk (Machine Learning Engineer) share their passion for experiments around data through articles on their blogs, conferences and training.
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Training Day 1 + Day 2
Access to private Slack
5 Machine Learning scripts
Machine Learning certification

A first concrete
approach to machine

This machine learning training has been designed to be accessible to all, without any technical knowledge and without ANY prerequisites. From the very first hour, you will be directly immersed in a real Machine Learning project, drawn from the world of digital marketing. Through games, exercises and just the right amount of theory (really, not too much!), you will be guided step by step to make your project a success. Data analysis and preparation, choice of algorithm, creation of a prediction model, you will learn all this during these 2 days in which each module is designed to allow you to develop new concrete skills.

As you have probably noticed, Machine Learning is changing the world in a profound way, and in particular the world of digital marketing. Thanks to machine learning, today’s IT systems can learn how to predict the future with data: a competitive advantage for all digital marketers who will know how to use it. Accompanied by 2 data science professionals, the Machine Learning Level 1 course allows you to quickly enter the incredible world of prediction and offers you tools that can be reused for your own projects. Ready to take a jump into the future?

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